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To Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Mayor Timmy Lemoine and Police Chief Lemoine, and Representatives of the Board in Moreauville Louisiana

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the recently passed Vicious Dogs ordinance be amended to remove all mention of specific breeds and types of dogs (from here on in referred to as BDL or breed discriminatory law).
We understand that community safety is of the utmost importance to elected officials. BDL is documented as being a public safety failure, and, as well as being difficult to enforce, has no proven history of preventing incidents.
The concerns of the residents who raised the issue of dogs at large need to be addressed, so that every resident is protected from reckless owners. Dangerous dogs can come in all types and all residents deserve to be protected in the same way. At the same time, responsible owners, who manage their dogs properly, should be allowed to own whatever type of dog they want.
Community safety can be achieved more effectively without infringing on peoples property rights.
Please remove the BDL from the current vicious dog ordinance, and reinstate the rights of responsible owners.


Margaret Goff

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To bring attention to the passage of the BDL ordinance in the small town of Moreauville Louisiana and to garner support in an effort to help families in Moreauville keep their dogs safe and their families intact. 


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