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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and CEO Larry Page

Let's stand with the Open Internet, let's stand with Title II net neutrality.

The only way to stop fast lanes and slow lanes, as Google has said publicly it wants to do, is for the FCC to stop using the same legal authority that has already lost twice in court and instead put Big Cable back in its place as a telecommunications service. To many, Google has come to represent the kind of innovation and progress that the internet makes possible, and as the FCC moves to make a decision in December, it is important that they know where Google stands. We have heard this directly from people in the FCC and other federal officials involved in the discussions. Google's silence on net neutrality has been deafening in effect, and it’s been very harmful for net neutrality. There is already overwhelming support from Google employees and executives for real net neutrality, and that's why we urge Google as a company to stand up for it publicly and to do so soon.


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Google helped pioneer open Internet principles, but its public silence on net neutrality will do harm to all of us. 

Let's take a strong stand for real net neutrality and Title II.


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