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From BC SPCA: Each year our shelters receive scores of stray animals that have become lost due to firework blasts. Veterinaries inform us of examples of animals, that require treatment because of injuries sustained from being frightened by firework blasts. Some animals are particularly fearful and panic and run into traffic, or cattle and horses charge through barbwire fences. Particularly, distressing is that cats become permanently separated from their guardians because they end up in our shelters and cannot be returned to their guardians because they lack identification or worse left wondering on the streets. Not only this is an animal welfare problem, but unnecessary strains in the limited resources humane organizations must incur to assist the animal victims.
Even more serious is that our Provincial Constables have had to deal with intentional cruelty from individuals that direct blasts at animals. Further in a recent case a youth inserted a firecracker in the rectum of a cat.


Lavinia Rojas Rojas Scholz

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