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The Time To Act Is Now. The U.S. needs a comprehensive plan that gradually and intelligently reduces the debt as a share of the economy. The principles of the Campaign to Fix the Debt provide guidance on how to move forward.

America’s Debt Is Unsustainable. The United States’ gross debt is over $18 trillion and growing. Mounting debt will lead to higher interest rates, lower wage growth, and an eventual economic crisis.

A Solution Must Address All Parts of the Budget. Any realistic solution to our budget problems must cut out wasteful and low priority spending, must slow the growth of unsustainable entitlement costs, and must simplify the tax code and eliminate loopholes through pro-growth and revenue-positive tax reform. The recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and other recent bipartisan efforts can serve as an effective framework for a plan to reduce the federal debt by more than $4 trillion over ten years.

Protect America’s Core Values. Fixing the Debt must be phased in gradually to protect the fragile economic recovery, improve economic growth and prosperity, and protect our most vulnerable.

Find Common Ground: Put rigid ideologies aside. Pivotal moments in America’s history have not been overcome by one party acting alone. This is such a moment, and any solution must be bipartisan.

Put National Interest Ahead of Special Interests. A solution will require some sacrifice from all Americans; no special interest is exempt. We are willing to do our part and accept tough choices that affect us personally as part of a comprehensive plan in which everyone contributes their fair share. We want to make the country we love stronger. We want to Fix the Debt.


Fix the Debt

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Sign the Citizens' Petition to Fix the Debt to demand that the President and the U.S. Congress take immediate, serious steps to reduce our $20 trillion gross federal debt.


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