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The governing bodies of the states of Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Washington and Idaho.

Wilderness Only Lives Free (WOLF)

We the people demand the DNR, Wildlife services and the Governing bodies of Wisconsin, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and Alaska be held accountable for their reckless disregard of both the laws and their sworn duties to listen to, heed or consider the demands of their citizens; which were advertised, polled and made clearly known. We demand a stop to the socially reprehensible and morally deficient killing and delisting of wolves.

We are the people. We are the power. Elected officials are supposed to be of the people, for the people and to speak for the people. This fundamental and basic knowledge is stated clearly in the Constitution and we wholly and justly demand it be upheld.

Various studies; surveys, and polls were taken by each state seeking the peoples opinion on the management, listing and protections concerning the wolf population. It is widely known and made available via news and public resource that nearly 82% of the population of the United States of America are PRO-wolf and want it to be federally protected and the hunting for sport or trophy of the animal to cease.

The people are rightly outraged that in each state mentioned; the governing peoples and agencies have ignored the wishes of the people to seek monetary and personal agendas by allowing not only the delisting and hunting of wolves for sport or trophy to continue; but to bluntly ignore evidence in form of irrefutable photographs; videos and statistics and not take action against the illegal killings and inhumane treatment of the wolf population.

Studies have proven that less than one quarter percent of livestock losses are actually attributed to wolves and that the prey animal populations of elk, deer, etc. benefit from a healthy wolf population.
There has been evidence of deliberate cruelty and mistreatment of wolves and that once again; wolves are being scapegoated with faulty numbers reports; poaching and the newest trend of being used to kill "hunting dogs" via wolf and get paid excess of the animals worth without proof. The very assumption of this heinous behavior should be investigated with penalties to those persons known to have taken part in the payouts, yet nothing is being done.

The states citizens have cried out for wolf killing derbies and trophy hunts to be ceased and instead are increased. Hard evidence of poaching and inhumane and excess "takes" of wolves in state "killing zones" has been ignored and gone unchecked. Traps and boundaries are not being monitored and the people are going unheard.

We the people say NO MORE. We demand legislation and governing that actually upholds the "of the people, for the people" heritage.
We demand more rational, less perverse leadership.
We demand our voices and desires be heard and adhered to.
We demand that when presented with overwhelming evidence that it be seen to in a just and responcible manner.
We demand our opinions be taken largely into consideration of actions on topics and policy.
We demand the leadership remember we the people have and are the power.

We demand the wolf slaughters, the culling, the trophy and sports hunts be stopped and the wolf become a federally protected species nation wide.

We demand our government grow up and listen to the voice of people and the people overwhelmingly say STOP THE KILLING OF WOLVES FOR SPORT OR TROPHY. STOP THE PREDATOR KILLING CONTESTS. REMOVE THE BARBARIC AND ARCHAIC BOUNTY FOR DEAD WOLVES.

If the people cannot count on and see evidence of the collective mutual opinion on matter like this heeded; why should we, the people trust in or heed the actions of those who were sworn to speak -for- us instead of around and -behind- us?
Listen to the nation.
Listen to the people.
Stop the killing of wolves.
Give what wolves remain a chance to recover from mans bloodthirsty selfishness by taking the bounties and targets off their heads and making wolves a federally protected species.

We, the undersigned, here so demand.

Find and reach your local and affected area government offices:


Shaunalee McKean

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How this will help

When enough people stand up and make their opinions known and make those opinions more important than those of a few fatcats in high seats; change CAN and WILL happen.


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