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Americans value unfettered access to the Internet, and no one likes new, burdensome taxes.

Taxation of Internet access and e-commerce would harm consumers, destroy small businesses, and threaten the tremendous growth of the Internet economy.

Currently, states are barred from collecting Internet access taxes by the bipartisan Internet Tax Moratorium, which has been renewed several times. But these taxes on Internet access will be imposed December 11th of this year, unless the Senate acts.

The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act would make this a problem of the past. At the very least, it would prevent targeted taxes on Internet access and multiple and discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce.

The House easily passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, but the Senate is holding it hostage in order to pass the Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act, which includes taxes on online purchases.

Imposing this new sales tax would force thousands of Internet-fueled small business to comply with over 9,600 new tax codes and would discourage consumers from purchasing products online, all to fuel government largesse.

We call on the Senate to immediately pass the Permanent Internet Tax Moratorium and vote No on the Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act.


Americans for Tax Reform

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We only have until December 11th to stop the Senate from taxing Internet access and e-commerce. Sign our petition and send a message to the Senate: #NoNetTax!


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