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Mr. Joko Widodo - Indonesian President and Mr. Hadi Daryanto, Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry

In Indonesia, in last few years it’s come to public notice that the Elephants of Sumatra have been abused, tortured and murdered almost as a daily practice either by farmers or by poachers. The prime areas where Elephant slaughtering is taking place is in areas of East Aceh. Aceh Jaya and Riau.

The farmers use the barbaric practice of putting poison on soap bars and sticking them to tree branches, knowing Elephants like to eat them. The reason the farmers give for killing these elegant and innocent beings is because they believe that the Elephants destroy their crops. The Elephants are not at fault here as humans are entering into their habitats going further into their lands for their farming needs of scale rubber, timber, paper pulp and palm oil plantations. It is understandable that humans fear Elephants as they are large and wild, but killing them is not the answer.

Elephants have served humans for centuries, helping them with their manual labor as slaves, being forced into entertaining humans in circuses, in horrible conditions, being used as a traditional mascots in human religious affairs, getting decorated and put up for displays and rides. If that’s also not enough they are being targeted by poachers every single day for their tusks, sometimes killed and left to die miserably and in pain after their tusks are removed.

The WWF Indonesia reports that the killings of Elephants in Sumatra have been on a rise since 2004 and also shockingly since 2004 no one has been jailed or even convicted in the Riau province. Most of the Elephants are either poisoned or shot and the numbers are highest in the Aceh province. Poachers are killing the Elephants around the paper plantations and timber areas. The group study shows a shocking revelation of 59% of Elephants were killed by poisoning, 13% showed signs of poisoning, 5% were shot and the reason for the deaths of the other Elephants is still not clarified, they could be considered illness or unknown causes.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed the Elephants of Sumatra as critically endangered. As the numbers have dropped down from 5000 in 1985 to just 2,400 to 2,800 in this year. If they are not protected, they are most likely to go extinct within a few decades. However, considering the rate at which they are been killed and abused, it won’t take decades but just a few years before this beautiful Animal goes extinct.


Sergio Barbesta

How this will help

What AnimalsTrust NPO is asking to Indonesian Government:

1.We want the Indonesian Government to interfere and create effective and strict laws to protect the Sumatra Elephants lives.

2. Special...

What AnimalsTrust NPO is asking to Indonesian Government:

1.We want the Indonesian Government to interfere and create effective and strict laws to protect the Sumatra Elephants lives.

2. Special instigation should be started in Aceh and Raiu provinces, where the number of Elephants is at the lowest rate and the killings are at the highest.

3. The farmers need to be given awareness about the importance of the Elephants of Sumatra and also should be educated and given tools to save their crops without killing the Elephants.

4. Strict laws need to be brought in for the poachers. (No bail.)

5. A special 'Save Sumatra Elephants task force team', should be created to investigate every killing and also keep track of the history of poaching and poachers around the provinces.

6. The law should take down every single detail of the poachers caught, so they can track them down easily if a similar incidence happens in the same area that they come from.

7. Tracking devices should be placed around farms and plantations which could give a signal of elephant entering the area. (This would help in case any elephant found dead in that area after a day or two, the team would know who's responsible.)

8. Awareness banners and posters about  the Elephants of Sumatra need to be put up in every possible areas around Indonesia, where the killing is on the highest range.

Not only Indonesia but the ENTIRE WORLD needs to know the significance of Elephants. And when a country treats such an animal with such brutality, killing and slaughtering them. We want to tell them, we are watching and we won't just sit and do nothing about it. 

We'll fight till we'll reach our aim!

Yes, we Can save them, but only All together! Thank you.

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