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The American People do have voice - Please help me prior to my court date stop the Judicial Misconduct and HATE Crime against Catholics, Christians, Muslims by Jewish Lawyer Ilona Grenadier Heckman.

HANDS UP AMERICA - Equal / Blind Justice is a thing of the past. Our courts have been hijacked by corrupt Judges & Lawyers. I am going to make CHANGE with Pro Se America vs American Bars - - I need your help in sending a strong message to the Courts. That Due Process is a Basic Right of every American and Judges do not have Immunity when they act with Knowledgeable intend to Bully Pro Se Victims.


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How this will help

This Petition will show Judicial Misconduct is a thing of the Past.  That Lawyers & Judges will be held Accountable.  That HATE CRIMES et al are unacceptable that the Old Boys Network is not above the Law.

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