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Support school choice.

Every child deserves a high-quality education. But across the country, millions of children remain trapped in schools that are failing or do not meet their needs. Too often, it is low-income and working-class families who are forced to send their children to schools that simply don’t work. These children deserve immediate options.

We believe that parents should have a range of high-quality options, including great public schools, public charter schools and access to private schools through school vouchers, scholarship tax credit programs and Education Savings Accounts. Educational excellence has nothing to do with the label on the front of the school. That’s why it is about a fundamental right for parents to have access to whichever quality educational environment serves their children best.

Despite the best efforts of educators, special interests have prevented real reform. It’s time for bold action. It’s time to empower families with real school choice.


American Federation For Children

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School choice programs empower more than 308,000 families across the nation. But thousands more families don't have educational choice. Your voice can change that.


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