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The Tampa Bay Rays & other organizations that do business with CenterPlate
The individual abusing the dog is the CEO of a food and beverage company called CenterPlate.
CenterPlate operates the concession stands in various locations (see , including the concessions of the Tampa Bay Rays.
The Rays response to this is that they are sure that CenterPlate will handle it appropriately.
In other words, the Rays management sees no reason to respond.
Perhaps the fans need to show the management of the Tampa Bay Rays that animal abuse is not to be ignored by boycotting the concession stands.
CenterPlate needs to kick their CEO to the curb fast. If not, those that use CenterPlate services need to act - not trivialize animal abuse as the Tampa Bay Rays management did.


Dan Favero

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Businesses need to rid themselves of employees like this.


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