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Military dogs should be brought home before retiring them. Don't retire them in theater and move them to military kennels for adoption after saving lives! Don't leave the burden of their transport costs to the US, to those who will adopt. Retire them on US soil at military tax payer expense, instead of leaving them in military shelters in other countries, waiting adoption. Make it easy to adopt. Next, please put clauses in US contractor contracts to insure they use the same care of their war dogs as our military does. Lastly, the regulations stating that a system "may" be established for medical care of these heros, give permission, but these regulations prohibit federal funding. A system for veterinary care funded by the federal government needs to be mandatory. Vote yes for this updated legislation and anything else you can do. These dogs are heroes.


Robin Curle

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Congress is considering this position but will not assign money to do it.  Make them know we care about the work these dogs have done. Read the articles below and others in updates:



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