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Sponsors of The Rush Limbaugh Show

For years, Rush Limbaugh thrived on a business model that relies on using sexist attacks, preying on racial anxieties, peddling hate, and promoting downright lies to generate controversy and ratings for his show.

But in 2012, after Limbaugh leveled 46 personal attacks at a student, a grassroots movement came together to hold him accountable. Since then, thousands of sponsors have reportedly taken steps to ensure that their ads do not run during Limbaugh's program. The result? Hundreds of millions of dollars of losses in advertising revenue, spurring the CEO of one of the largest radio companies to call Limbaugh a "drag on business."

But despite the damage he's done to his bottom line, Limbaugh hasn't changed his tune. Every day, he takes to the airwaves to spread new slurs, smears, and conspiracy theories.

These days, Rush Limbaugh isn't just reprehensible -- he's bad for business. Protect your reputation and your bottom line. It's time to join the thousands of advertisers who no longer subsidize Limbaugh's vitriol.


Media Matters for America

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More advertisers and stations cut ties with Rush Limbaugh every day. It's up to our grassroots movement to keep spreading the word. Together, we're having a tremendous impact.


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