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Senator Bill Rabon, Governor Pat McCrory CC: WRAL, WECT TV

"That bill is not going to pass. Angels in heaven cannot make that bill pass." -- Senator Bill Rabon from meeting re: puppy mills, January 2014
I'd like to introduce you, Senator Rabon, to the thousands of voters in NC as well as many others in the world watching you, who stand proudly behind those who drafted and are supporting this bill. This bill, as you well know yet deny, is for DOGS in large breeding facilities in NC, and ONLY those dogs. Your ludicrous assertions that this bill could "spill over into the animal husbandry" in NC are just that: ludicrous; we know it, YOU know it, yet for reasons known only to you, you insist on blocking this simple, straightforward bill. Because of you insisting on killing this bill, a bill everyone but you, it seems, wants, and nearly every other state has done what's right by passing legislation against the conditions of puppy mills, this has caused NC to be inundated with large scale breeders, aka puppy mills, filled with sick, injured dogs in cages not fit for rodents, without ever seeing sunlight, or feeling grass under their feet or getting any vet care, being fed when they're really lucky, the dust off the floor from dog food factories. These dogs are force bred again and again until their bodies are close to death, or do die from these deplorable conditions and being over bred. They suffer injuries from overcrowding which are never treated, while parasites eat them inside and out because of no vet care. Because these dogs are so unsocialized, from lack of any kind or loving human contact, when we bred them to be our companions, has caused quite a variety of mental conditions, from depression, causing aggression, to extreme fear of humans and everything in between. They never know love in their lives, or the feeling of the sun on their faces or grass under their feet, they know nothing that should be natural to them; in short, they NEVER get to be DOGS but only a product to be sold, all in the name of the almighty dollar. These are companion animals and have so, SO much more to offer than to spend their whole lives, lives which puppy mills cut way short of normal life spans, being breeding machines to make animal abusers money; people who never even care enough to pat them on their head ONCE in their whole miserable lives. The little puppies these dogs produce by the thousands, are then sold to an unknowing public as healthy dogs when, because of where they come from, the future holds very little hope for a healthy life. When these puppies get a little older and inherited disease appears, and their guardians cannot afford to treat their many problems, or for a variety of other reasons, they then land in our many over crowded, often abusive, high kill shelters across NC. Have you noticed sir, just how many dogs die in shelters across this nation every single year? Do you have any idea how many of those dogs are the product of a puppy mill? As someone who has done rescue work for many years, I can give you a good guess and I'd guess that at LEAST 80% of dogs who die in shelters came from puppy mills. We in rescue work our fingers to the bone, trying to save precious lives, yet the harsh reality is, very few are saved. Puppy mills across this nation are the largest contributor to the thousands of deaths every year, unnecessary deaths, painful deaths, all alone, in high kill shelters, it is a CRIME to allow this to continue. Yet you insist on doing just that. Right NOW thousands are suffering with little to no hope of ever being rescued, this matter is in a state of EMERGENCY right NOW in NC. As a veterinarian, you should be ashamed of yourself, continually blocking this simple bill that would do a lot to save precious lives that matter, EVERY SINGLE ONE MATTERS! We, the undersigned are the voices for the voiceless, we shall NEVER BE SILENCED! We take these innocent dog's lives and this situation very seriously and change WILL come with or without YOU. Do you realize, Senator Rabon, that right now, NC is being vilified, persecuted, all over the country because we have no legislation to protect these innocent dogs? The word is out, the puppy mill's days are numbered, the day will come when these breeders will have to get actual honest work, and this will happen sooner rather than later! We all vote and we will make our feelings known when election time comes, only a few months away. We can only pray, for the sake of all those suffering a miserable existence, all over the state of NC right now, that you will do what the good people who elected you know is only right, decent and simple common sense. Make sure HB 930 passes, Senator Rabon, and passes NOW. If not, well sir, this is a perfect example of why we have elections and why we vote.


Carol Givens

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We must show Bill Rabon how many thousands do care, INSIST on legislation against the puppy mill, making the standards of care for breeding dogs humane at least, as long as people insist on...

We must show Bill Rabon how many thousands do care, INSIST on legislation against the puppy mill, making the standards of care for breeding dogs humane at least, as long as people insist on breeding dogs at all while shelters are constantly full and kill days come twice a week sometimes. The dogs in shelters are not gently put to sleep either, they're either gassed in a room full of scared dogs or they get the heart stick, which, when administered as it is, not by a vet, causes a long and painful death because they don't do it correctly. It shouldn't have to be done at all! Don't buy while shelter dogs die!! Rabon seems to believe only a select few care at all about these thousands of dogs, let's show him the truth! Thank you!


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