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Please support the ‘Education not Execution’ campaign, the intention of which is to ask the government to look at, and hopefully ban, the practice of convenience euthanasia. This is where useless, selfish dog owners can take a perfectly healthy dog and have it killed simply because they can’t be bothered to own it any more, can’t be bothered to train it or feel like going off travelling and don’t think the dog is worth rehoming or considering. It is essentially treating dogs like toys that can be dumped at the refuse tip when the family are bored and the novelty wears off.

Please note that we are not talking about compassionate euthanasia to put a terminally ill dog out of its misery. We are talking about PERFECTLY HEALTHY DOGS.

I plead with you all, if you are dog lovers, to sign this petition. Please read, share, but most of all SIGN! Please – it takes two minutes.


Zarco Dragunov

This petition closed over 3 years ago

How this will help

Raising awareness of the issue, which hopefully will put pressure on the government to ban this barbaric practice


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