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New Jersey Department of Health, State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation, Helmetta Mayor Nancy Martin, NJSPCA

Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter is a tax-payer funded shelter located in Helmetta, NJ, a tiny town with a population of approximately 2,000, in Middlesex County. Despite Helmetta’s small size, their shelter provides animal control and impound services for 21 towns through Middlesex and Monmouth counties. Services that Mayor Martin refers to as “100% pure profit” for the town.

The annual inspection reports show consecutive violations, year after year, ranging from disease control protocol to method of euthanasia and lack of record keeping, just to name a few. The shelter is now trying to ban people from taking photographs on public property. Dogs are being imported into our state without health certificates and are being released to the public not spayed or neutered. Simple inquiries about animals are deleted from HRAS's Facebook page. Legitimate questions, such as how are the dogs evaluated at the shelter, are answered with responses such as: "The 3 stooges of dog behavior. Why don't stop down and check out the shelter and you can ask all the questions you want. We got our degrees from captain crunch(sic)." The shelter claims to be low-kill and progressive, a place where they "do not euthanize healthy adoptable animals." If that's the case, where are the animals from twenty-one townships in this small facility?

Reform Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter NOW.

 In addition to the change in shelter leadership, we want the shelter to:

1. Take advantage of High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter
2. Promote and assist with Feral Cat Trap Neuter Return efforts (TNR) or adopt a Shelter Neuter Release (SNR) Program
3. Create better relations with rescue groups so animals can be transferred out of the shelter.
4. Develop a Foster Care network.
6. Implement Comprehensive Adoption Programs, including off-site adoptions.
7. Implement a Pet Retention Program.
8. Develop a Medical and Behavior Prevention/Rehabilitation Program, in conjunction with trainers and veterinarian.
9. Increase its Public Relations and Community Involvement.
10. Recruit, train and retain Volunteers.
11. Conduct Proactive Redemptions so lost animals do not enter the shelter.
12. Provide Leadership and Advocacy on behalf of animals in their service area, including advocacy for the right of feral cats to their lives and habitat.


Helmetta Reform

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How this will help

There is strength in numbers and our numbers will show that the lives of animals at Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter mean something.


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