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Mayor Annise Parker, Houston, Texas

Dear Mayor Parker: We, the undersigned respectfully demand justice for Guero, the beloved family pet of the Garcia's. Earlier in July Mr. Garcia was pulled over for failing to use his traffic signal. Mr. Garcia had a passenger with him and a prescription bottle was found. It was apparently a question as to whom the prescription bottle belonged to and both passengers were arrested. Mr. Garcia had his beloved family dog with him, Guero, who was 14 years old and nearly blind, a small Chihuahua. As the officer called a tow truck to tow Mr. Garcia's SUV, Mr. Garcia begged the officer to allow him to call someone to come get his dog; the officer refused. Mr. Garcia then begged the officer to call Animal Control, which was 2 short blocks away; again the officer said no, "it's not my problem". Such a cruel horrific reply from someone whose job it is to HELP. The tow truck driver came and as the officer surely knew, he couldn't tow with the dog inside so he put the elderly, blind dog out on the side of Hwy 59. Mr. Garcia's charges were dropped a few days later; he and his family made signs and searched for their dear family member to no avail until someone called and told them where Guero's body could be found. Guero lay dead, on the side of the Hwy, not far from where he'd been left to die by the officer in charge. We in rescue of the precious, the voiceless and the innocent feel the tow truck driver is also culpable, however your officer was in charge and because of him, a dear, beloved family dog died, so unnecessarily, on the side of a road, no doubt scared and confused as to why he'd been abandoned. Mayor, the abandonment of a companion animal is a felony in most states. Your officer abandoned this little blind dog when he had the choice to do so many other things that would not have caused the dog to die. What about the Garcia children? I saw them in a picture as they buried their beloved dog, the dog was older than they were! However, what will those children now think of the police? They will NEVER forget such a traumatic event that could have so easily been avoided, and they will never think the police are the good guys and should they need help in the future, do you think they will feel they can call the police? I highly doubt it. We feel the death of Guero is an atrocity as well as a crime and Guero deserves justice! As does the Garcia family! We, all the undersigned, feel that someone who could do this should never wear a badge. We strongly feel he should be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for animal abuse; i.e., abandonment of a companion animal on an Interstate Highway, causing death. Mayor Parker, I saw the video of you speaking to Mrs. Garcia and I know you also know this is the only right and fair way to settle this matter short of bringing little Guero home, which cannot be; he's home but he's buried on their property. A 5 year old would have known the dog would die on that highway, your officer surely knew and couldn't have cared less, he acted in a immoral and criminal manner and his badge should be removed immediately. This story has gone viral, the more heinous, the faster this happens, and the world is now watching what you do about this. We are praying you will do the right thing and give justice for Guero, who never deserved to die in this way.


Carol Givens

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I'd love to show the police they're NOT above the law, they cannot go around killing our pets simply because they feel they can and have this right, the fact is nobody on Earth has this right!


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