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Local government officials in Fletcher, North Carolina and Henderson County

Shadow would have been one year old on 8/8/14. Instead, he is dead and his family grieves. The circumstances of Shadow's death are heartbreaking...and many questions remain.

Shadow was shot by a neighbor on 8/1/14. Allegedly, he was dragged from the shelter of his home and shot 3 times by a neighbor whose unspayed female dog had wandered into the yard when Shadow was outside, and they did what comes naturally to an unaltered male and female dog.

Shadow's neighbor, whose unspayed female was left outside during her menses, observed their mating. He subsequently shot twice at Shadow who was luckily only grazed, but extremely frightened. He ran and hid. His family finally found him and brought him home to clean and nurse his wounds. Fearing for his safety, they attempted to re-home him. In the meantime, they only took him outside on a leash.

They didn't find a safe home for Shadow quickly enough. On 8/1/14, the same neighbor found out that he had not killed Shadow on his first attempt. He went to Shadow's home again, when the owners were out, and dragged the terrified Shadow out into the yard to shoot him three times at close range.

Shadow is dead and the police and other local officials in the small town of Fletcher, North Carolina need encouragement to fully and objectively investigate the circumstances of his very untimely death. We want to make sure that is done promptly, and that the person responsible is held fully accountable for his actions.

As a community of dog lovers (and more), we are beyond tired of the laissez-faire approach many policing agencies use with regard to the death of treasured pets. We have to demand that our public servants, OUR EMPLOYEES, do the job we hired them to do and that includes a thorough investigation and prosecution of Shadow's death.

Please join us in demanding justice for Shadow. Make the community leaders accept that there is no excuse for inaction. The perpetrators of these atrocities must get a clear and unwavering message that this type of behavior is unacceptable and very likely criminal.

Thanks for your support.

If you would like to contact the leaders of this small town in Western North Carolina, just South of Asheville, you can get all their info here


Gregory Mendel

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How this will help

It will send a message to government agencies everywhere that this is an important issue to many of us.  They must do their job and write laws that can be enforced, and then enforce them aggressively.


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