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Mexico is a plural, multicultural country. Our forefathers had a vision of a country where all people could live in peace and harmony.
Mexico, in recent times, has created and enforced modern laws to prevent and punish all types of discrimination and bigotry.
The origins of Mexico's Jewish community date back to the early 20th century and since the first Jewish immigrants arrived to this beautiful country, they were welcomed with open arms and became an integral part the Mexican nation. Mexican born Jews are now in their 4th generation and find absolutely no conflict in being Mexican and being Jews.
On July, 2014, a new Facebook page named FUERA JUDÍOS DE MÉXICO (Jews, get out of Mexico) was created, filled with hate messages and insults aimed at Mexican Jews and with fake propaganda that compares only with libel from the Nazi era.
The main objective of thios page is to kick out all Jews from Mexico. That is preposterous, since most of the Jews living in the Mexican Republic are Mexican Citizens and are protected by Mexican laws and the Constitution.
However, the Facebook page in question is offensive and promotes hate, racism, bigotry and violence.
We kindly, but firmly, ask Facebook to remove it immediately and take proper measures to avoid the appearance of similar pages, no matter what group are they aimed at.


Samuel Bejar

This petition closed about 6 years ago

How this will help

It will help by stopping the distribution of hateful messages and lies that could lead even to violent crimes against peaceful Jews living in Mexico.


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