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I am writing for the sake of millions of America's military veterans.

The recent scandals at the Veterans Administration are shocking to our national conscience and demand reform. Everything from years-long waiting lists to falsified records shows us that the Veterans Administration is sorely in need of reform.

However, it's unfortunately clear that Washington generally has two ways to solve a problem:
Ignore it
Throw money at it

Ignoring this problem did nothing to help our veterans receive critical care. Neither will simply throwing more money at the problem.

Since 2009, VA funding has increased 68%; since 2012, it's grown nearly 30%. Using emergency funds to spend billions more is not the answer.

No government agency, including the VA, can be off-limits to spending cuts, reductions, and streamlining. We can’t afford otherwise. And it’s glaringly obvious that more money does not necessarily equal better programs.

Congress members in both parties should seek to offset the cost of this measure with plentiful cuts and reforms elsewhere in the budget and reject the billions of new spending, especially "emergency" spending.

The VA needs reform, but this reform must be done responsibly.


Coalition to Reduce Spending

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Congress is pushing forward to reform the badly broken VA system. However, in doing so, it should not exercise its same old broken spending habits.

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