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Secretary general Ban Ki Moon of the UN

Open letter to the Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Ban Ki Moon:

Dear sir Moon,

First of all: is this an appropriate time to approach you? I read in the paper that after the last emergency Security Council meeting you felt the urge to pack your bags and leave for the Middle East immediately. After all, no other urgent conflicts that need to be solved, so you obviously did the right thing. And I’m surely convinced that the pressure from "peace seeking" countries like Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with your hasty decision to leave everything and get on the first plane to the Middle East. By the way, you might want to hop in at the neighboring country Syria, there is some kind of conflict going on over there, see if you can solve that one too.

As you are in the Middle East anyhow, you might check in on some issues, as I read some disturbing reports in various newspapers. I strongly feel the need to draw your attention to the conduct of some of your employees at the UNRWA, in case you haven’t read the newspaper reports.

As it has been reported, your employees found 20 missiles at one of your UN locations in Gaza. In particular, a SCHOOL that belongs to the UN.

You know, a school is that place where we send our children to get educated? Educated to love, to resolve conflicts by debate, to have respect for each other, to respect each other’s religion, etc. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

My question to you: how did the missiles get there, and what are you going to do about it? After all, someone with access to the building had to be present to get access to the location, or is it the UN’s habit to leave its premises unlocked and unsecured during wartime?

More disturbing is the fact that your employees returned the missiles to its "rightful owner", which appears to be the Hamas, declared by many countries in the world as being a terrorist organization.

As your employees must be are aware that Hamas commit’s a double war crime, by returning the missiles to Hamas your employees are accessories to these war crimes.

Can you please explain to the world how UN employees can be involved in aiding a terrorist organization and be guilty of committing war crimes?

On the same matter, you might want to look into this old clip that re-surfaced, showing Hamas terrorist combatants using UN ambulances to transport armed combatants . This is a flagrant violation of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. You still owe us some explanation about this one since 2006.

So dear Mr. Moon, I will check on you in about a week or two, let’s see if you can get us the answers.


D. Mock


David Mock

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How this will help

Maybe, for once in a lifetime, we will actually see the UN doing something positive, instead of supporting terrorist organisations.


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