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Governments of the world and Regional Organizations such as OAS,EU, CW, AU, OIC, Arab League, SAARC, ASEAN, ACS

Under the United Nations Organization:

1) The world nations are not united but stand even more divided in comparison to 1945, so UNO is a misnomer to begin with.

2) Infighting between the countries has escalated and more wars have been fought since its creation and UN was unable to address the issue. Examples: the India-Pakistan wars, 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999; Israeli wars against Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt,1948, 1956, 1967-70, 1973,1982, 2006, 2008-09, 2014; the Korean War, 1950: the Vietnamese War 1954-75; the Cambodian war 1967-75; Soviet-Afghan war 1979-89; the Iraq-Kuwait war, 1990; the Iraq-Iran war, 1980-88; the US-Libyan war, 2011; US-NATO Afghan war, 2001-14 are just a few to mention.

3) Barring a few exceptions the UNO has not been able to enforce and implement its 'Resolutions' to end conflicts of international importance: few examples are UN Security Council Resolution 47 (Apr. 21, 1948) - Plebiscite in Kashmir; General Assembly Resolution 194 (Dec. 11, 1948) - Right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in Israel; Security Council Resolution 242 (Nov. 22, 1967) - Withdrawal of Israeli forces from Arab territories occupied during the war; General Assembly Resolution 3236 (Nov. 22, 1974) - Palestinians have a right to self determination; Security Council Resolution 446 (Mar. 22, 1979) - Israeli settlements in Palestine are illegal; Security Council Resolution 1397 (Mar. 12, 2002) - Reaffirmation of a Palestinian State;

4) The concept of five permanent members of the UN Security Council with veto powers is against the principle of equality and no longer valid.
All member states must have equal & similar right and responsibilities.

5) Economically and politically strong nations from amongst member states have been openly violating UN resolutions without reprimand or punitive action against such states such as suspension or cancellation of membership and estoppel of privileges.

6) The mandate of organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF, UNEP, UNIDO, UNODC is implemented unfairly and unjustly in developing and under developed nations of the world. Their projects are politically motivated, unevenly distributed, have high overhead costs, recruitment of staff in international projects is unfair and politicized, lack transparency and have not produced desired results in many parts of the world.

7) USA houses the Headquarters of UN but often do not allow certain foreign diplomats or heads of states because of political rivalry to participate in General Assembly meetings against the right of such members to participate freely in all proceedings.

8) Many international organizations such as International Court of Justice, International Monitory Fund, World Bank, World Food Program and World Trade Organization etc are outside the sphere of UN influence so what is the point of having a UNO.

9) By the 70th anniversary of UN in Oct. 2015 a global consensus needs to be developed either to abolish it or reconfigure it with new structure and powers.


Shafiq Rehman

This petition closed over 1 year ago

How this will help

If majority governments of the member states and regional organizations agree they can pass resolutions for reconfiguring and renaming of UNO on modern principles of equality among members, strict...

If majority governments of the member states and regional organizations agree they can pass resolutions for reconfiguring and renaming of UNO on modern principles of equality among members, strict enforcement of human rights, fairness in dealing with member states without any political bias, equitable distribution of resources among poor nations for development, non-military conflict resolution mechanisms etc.  


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