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Facebook's Community Standards regarding "Graphic Content" states: "graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence have no place on our site. " However, trophy hunter's, such as the now infamous Kendall Jones, continue to be allowed to post photos and videos of their kills.
The "liking" and "sharing" of such media encourages the idea that animals are here at our disposal and Facebook should no longer allow it's members to perpetuate that belief.
Any content that displays an animal being beaten, tortured, or killed should be removed immediately unless it is being posted to raise awareness about a current problem such as the dolphin drive in Taiji, Japan.
This will not only prevent Facebook members from feeling uncomfortable (and even sick) but also prevent individuals from thinking that these type of behaviors are worthy of positive attention.


Kyra Laughlin

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By signing this petition, you are making a clear statement to Facebook that they should no longer allow pro-animal abuse content on their site. 


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