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Dr . Chester Gipson USDA/ APHIS / Animal Care and Tom Vilsack United States Secretary of Agriculture

We're taking on the monumental task of a grassroots campaign to force the USDA to do its job. On board? Please sign and share. Let's attack puppy mill abuse at the core. Demand that over 22 years of complete, documented failure by USDA's Animal Care Program be revamped top to bottom.

A 1992 internal audit obtained by the Humane Society of the United States started the failure chain. A scathing 2010 audit by Office of the Inspector General (OIG) continues the failure chain and it has only gotten worse. The same 120 inspectors that couldn't keep up with mills before are now charged with inspecting online sellers, too.


From the 1992 report:
1. At least 77 percent of all licensed facilities visited were found to be in violation of the AWA [Animal Welfare Act], and 87 percent of all facilities were in violation.
2. In the state of Missouri, 85.6 percent of animal dealer inspections showed violations of the AWA.
3. Facilities repeatedly violating the AWA were not given timely penalties. Of 30 violating facilities reviewed, seven had not corrected violations cited during three or more inspections. These facilities were allowed to retain their licenses.
(1992 report -

Main Findings from the 2010 OIG Report on the USDA's Animal Care Program (AC):
1. AC’s Enforcement Process Was Ineffective Against Problematic Dealers: ...ineffective in achieving dealer compliance with AWA and regulations, which are intended to ensure the humane care and treatment of animals. The agency believed that compliance achieved through education and cooperation would result in long-term dealer compliance and, accordingly, it chose to take little or no enforcement action against most violators. FAILED since 1992.

2. AC Inspectors Did Not Cite or Document Violations Properly To Support Enforcement Actions: ...6 of 19 inspectors did not correctly report all repeat or direct violations (those that are generally more serious and affect the animals’ health). Consequently, some problematic dealers were inspected less frequently. In addition, some inspectors did not always adequately describe violations in their inspection reports or support violations with photos. In discussing these problems with regional management...some inspectors appeared to need additional training in identifying violations and collecting evidence. FAILED since 1992.

3. APHIS’ New Penalty Worksheet Calculated Minimal Penalties. FAILED since 1992.

4. APHIS Misused Guidelines to Lower Penalties for AWA Violators: ...APHIS misused its guidelines in 32 of the 94 cases we reviewed to lower the penalties for AWA violators. FAILED since 1992.
View the full sickening report here:

The USDA's 127-page Annual Budget and Performance Summary 2015 does not mention the word "dog," "canine," "breeding," or "kennel" once. Chester Gipson continues to FAIL these dogs.


Kris Malkasian

This petition closed 10 months ago

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Breeding dogs should never have been classified as livestock in the first place. They have suffered and died horribly due to all the above findings. The notion that any agency can fail so...

Breeding dogs should never have been classified as livestock in the first place. They have suffered and died horribly due to all the above findings. The notion that any agency can fail so completely for so long is a disgrace. Make the USDA accountable. It's long overdue.


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