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Dunkin' Donuts CEO Nigel Travis

San Francisco and Washington, D.C., have already banned disposable Styrofoam containers, and the rest of the country isn't far behind. That's because Styrofoam can't be recycled and doesn't break down like other materials, so it lasts forever in the environment. It is now the main component in marine debris, ending up in huge trash islands like the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. When animals like sea turtles and seabirds mistake the Styrofoam for food, it clogs their stomachs, and the animals starve to death.

Dunkin' Donuts needs to join San Francisco and Washington, D.C., in keeping pollution down and saving our wildlife. Stop using Styrofoam containers in your stores immediately!



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Americans toss out 25 billion non-biodegradable, non-recyclable Styrofoam cups each year. Many companies have left Styrofoam behind, but not Dunkin' Donuts. Tell them to stop the waste today!


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