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Help find missing pets, be aware, look and share

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How to do this

Complete these steps by August 26

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    Be aware of the number 1 way DOGS are stolen - by leaving them tied outside a shop, or pub.

    IF your dog is missing you should 1) Call the microchip database they are registered with and report them as lost or stolen.

    2)Contact your local authority dog warden, via your local council & neighbouring local authorities too as dogs may move across local council borders 

    3) Call local kennels/charities – it’s possible someone has found the dog and taken them to a local rehoming centre or kennels

    4) Contact local vet surgeries or animal hospitals – if your dog has been injured, they may have been taken there for treatment

  2. 2

    ALWAYS microchip your pets and encourage ALL pet owners to do so.

    By law, your dog should always wear a collar and tag with your name and address on when out in public. It will also be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped by 2016. **

    Call the microchip database they are registered with and make sure your contact details are always up to date if you change address.

  3. 3

    NEVER forget those that are missing. Take 5 minutes to look at a missing pets site a day, become familiar with the faces of those missing. If you see a stray animal, check your local listings for any missing pet.

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How this will help

To make people aware that it is so easy and so heartbreaking for those pets missing, and the families looking for them. To raise awareness and help people keep their pets safe.


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