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We're petitioning the U.S. Government and President Barack Obama to respond to our dire need for financial and legal assistance abroad in Malaysia.

The lack of response from the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia for several months, when we've been in desperate need of financial assistance concerning my wife's increasingly worsening health, and guidance with the resulting legal issues stemming from circumstances of inadequate health care and ethical matters has created more hardship than is fair, and more stress than is necessary. We need help and we demand answers NOW! My wife Kiki/Sri Ayu's Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is getting progressively worse while waiting for responses from many organizations. Tumor growth and spreading is making our life a living h*ll. All we've wanted is for it to stop. But no U.S. foundation (medical or otherwise) will help us, because we don't live in the U.S. No U.S. corporation will help us, because we aren't a nonprofit, or represented by on. As an American citizen who's a Navy veteran, I cannot even use my Veterans Administration benefits, because the VA hospital network doesn't exist outside of the United States. President Obama was even in Malaysia recently, and I bet no one in his cabinet even bothered to check on any matters at the U.S. Embassy here; not that anyone there would have been able to mention, because they've been avoiding responding to any of our emails, which there have been several, and when they told us to email when we've called, what are we supposed to do but WAIT, and worry, and feel as if those WHO SHOULD BE concerned, are nothing but indifferent to our ever-increasing turmoil? Suggestion, Mr. President: Spend less time working on your demo reel for Hollywood, and more time in the Oval Office taking care of the citizens of The United States. That's your job, please do it with some good old-fashioned genuine effort.


K Rezeki Fields

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This petition will help bring attention to our pressing medical matters. A human life has been neglected in an inadequate health care system while my wife attends college for her Master's...

This petition will help bring attention to our pressing medical matters. A human life has been neglected in an inadequate health care system while my wife attends college for her Master's scholarship in Early Childhood Education/Development. My wife's medical journey began in December 2011. It was misdiagnosed twice, and several months lapsed before it diagnosed correctly. We were assured the cancer was cured in 2012. That was in Banda Aceh,  Indonesia. In Malaysia, we found out in October of 2013, five months after we got married, that the cancer was only in remission. We were treated in a government hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and not only were we misinformed, but (my) complaints of unacceptable sanitary conditions (and other serious matters) for over two months, led to my wife's second chemotherapy cycle being terminated while we were waiting for "unknown" infections, E. Coli, to clear up. Not mention, the ascariasis (worms) which was never mentioned or treated during treatment at said government hospital. Yet it was immediately pointed out (within seconds) by a doctor at another hospital when reading a lab report that dated a week after my wife was admitted into the above mentioned government hospital. My wife's forced discharge from the government hospital, the day after a meeting I was told was to discuss my complaints was held. It was more like an inquisition where (my) guilt was the focus. I was threatened with a law suit by one of the doctors (an outside consultant) claiming I had "defamed" her. A week or so after my wife was 'kicked out' of the facility in question, another defamation law suit was file against me. As mentioned before, when something stated clearly in a report one week after a patient's admission mentions positive results for ascariasis, and doctors don't immediately treat the patient for it - not even more that two months after it is reported, I would call my claims of incompetence "defamation". My wife's legs fell from under her twice after being released from the government hospital once in the middle of a set of cement stair while I was carrying our suitcase to the bus terminal platform. She was not in any condition to be discharged, even though the hospital management wanted her to leave their facility. The sheer spite and indifference of it all stays with me as if it had happened yesterday.  have to mention these things because it is so wrong, I can't believe any health professional would even think of treating someone with cancer with such disdain and maliciousness. So, longer story shorter, this petition would help by making everyone involved aware of how my wife's life is not just a cash transaction. And that he is not just a receptacle in which storing her body in a bed and administering medications will deliver a cash reward. She is a human being. She has concerns and fears. She isn't sure if she'll live through the treatment. She blames herself for "burdening" me as if it were her fault she has cancer. She needs health CARE not a health scare. So now we need help from other warm-hearted human beings who understand how simple it is to click a button or two to bring closure to a medical roller coaster ride that has lasted for almost three years. Dealing with the moment-to-moment confusions of enduring third world conditions and lacking necessary modern standards and follow through of basic procedures is mentally draining. The emotional and physical parts, for my wife, do not need to be challenged. Cancer has these bases covered IN FULL. No one has been sympathetic thus far, so you'll have to forgive my droning on. WE need to be heard. Kiki is only 29. She survived the tsunami of 2004 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where's she's originally from. Two months after her first chemotherapy treatment, she was brutally beaten and robbed, while we were on webcam. She's been through a lot more drama and trauma than one person should ever go though. Please help us.

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