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    INFORMATION - Bantin & Kingman Universal Ltd (under the name Yorkshire Evergreen) are attempting to overturn a decision of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council made in November 2013!

    Please watch :

    B & K has submitted a new planning application for Grimston Beagles site facility.

    The BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) is again campaigning against this and your help is needed to achieve a victory!

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    SHARE THE NEWS of the Green Acre Boarding Facility.

    20 poor Dogs died... WHY?

    Some of the 20 dogs that died at an Arizona boarding facility are undergoing necropsies (animal autopsies) in hopes of finding the cause and time of death."

    "The owners of the facility claim the dogs died when one of them chewed through a cord, cutting off the air conditioning, but the sheriff's department is still investigating exactly what happened." "One family ... says they feel lied to and misled by the owners of the facility." "They ... were told this was a free range facility where only a few dogs were kept at time." "They're now joining other dog owners and working with an attorney they say not to get money, but to get laws changed." "Investigators say the dogs were kept in a 10 by 10 room." In Arizona, no state law regulates places that board animals; no agencies oversee the operations.

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    ANIMAL ADVOCATE stickers - have you got yours?


    Animal Advocates worldwide are doing their upmost to get Lawmakers to change Laws and to recognize that animal cruelty is a serious issue in our communities. 

    We want to see Laws changed and made harsher so that the people that commit these heinous crimes against animals are convicted and punished accordingly.

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How this will help


By sharing the news, and signing the petitions we can do our part in helping STOP cruel animal testing, and find Justice for the dogs who died at the Green Acre Boarding Facility.


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