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To take action to let others know the fact that cetaceans are not suited for captivity.

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How to do this

Complete these steps by July 29

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    Speak out with the facts: Cetaceans are too intelligent, social, caring, cognizant and roam vast areas of territory, always returning to pod of origin and it kills them to be jailed for profit and scrupulous entertainment. Let the facts be heard by the FL Bd of Medicine by helping accumulate signatures for this petition, to back me as I address them on August 1, AS WELL as partaking in other actions where the message will get out.

  2. 2

    Ask at least two or your friends to help get signatures for this petition and ask them to help get signatures. Spread the message and multiply your effects.

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How this will help

Take all measures to spread the number 1 most important step to take: Tell everyone, Everywhere and at every opportunity TO NOT BUY A TICKET. Demand for shows of captive cetaceans drive the market for hunts.


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