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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

I am concerned about pollution in Seattle's Duwamish River, and greatly troubled by the fact that the EPA’s plan for cleaning it up fails to protects the health of either the river or the communities that depend on it for food. We need a cleanup that is certain to work, and one that will not have to be repeated in the future.

I urge you to consider a more thorough cleanup that will:

1. Permanently remove more contaminated sediments; and
2. Control ongoing pollution, including from upriver, to ensure a cleaner and healthier river; and
3. Cover any remaining contamination with clean material to protect people's health more quickly.

The EPA should to strengthen its Duwamish River plan to ensure success and protect our investment in the cleanup. We need to select and implement a river cleanup that will ensure a clean, safe, and equitable river for all.



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Many communities & tribes depend on the Duwamish. Thanks to polluters like Boeing, it's highly polluted. The EPA's cleanup sets a national precedent - demand stronger action today!

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