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The Nevada County Board of Supervisors

We are gathering signatures on behalf of the thousands of Nevada County residents that appreciate not only attending outdoor events in our area, but the economic, socioeconomic, and social-capital benefits that come along with those events.

We are welcoming signatures from non residents as well, if you periodically visit our county for the main reason of attending outdoor events.

If you enjoy your ability to gather with friends under the stars, in a safe environment, at an event that is respectful to neighbors, and provides a space for you to network with like minded individuals, in similar fields of art, music, entertainment, or any kind of multi-day commercial outdoor event, then we ask 2 things of you.

1) Sign this petition
2) Write to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, and make sure your voice is heard. (email addresses at bottom)

As the The Nevada County Outdoor Event Ordinance is currently worded, it will ultimately make it impossible to produce many "commercial outdoor events" in the entire county. The extremely gray language and strict guidelines for permitting will not only discourage people from respectfully, and safely planning their events, it will also push events underground where things can get dangerous.

It will also encourage local outdoor event producers to move their events out of the county where laws are more lenient, causing Nevada County to miss out on potential millions in revenue that could be generated for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, musicians, entertainers, performers, lighting and sound, stage design, and more.

Here is a copy of the ordinance:

Email addresses for the Board of Supervisors:

Nate Beason
District 1 Supervisor, Chair
[email protected]

Ed Scofield
District 2
[email protected]

Dan Miller
District 3 Supervisor
[email protected]

Hank Weston
District 4 Supervisor
[email protected]

Richard Anderson
District 5 Supervisor
[email protected]


Doramey Rogers

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How this will help

We hope this petition will help the powers that be realize that this ordinance as it is currently worded will have a huge negative impact on the local music and entertainment scene.


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