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Anyone willing to help a wounded puppy

Try to imagine how Chico felt - hit by a car on a regional road 6 km from Stip. The driver didn’t even stop. The hard blow has stripped Chico’s hind legs and he somehow managed to drag himself next to a tap. And so he remained injured, hungry, motionless, thirsty, alone, for days and days. Chico was found after a few days completely dehydrated, starving, covered with million small ticks and fleas who continued to suck his blood. He was taken to the vet were an X-ray was made that shows that he has compressed vertebrae and the injury is permanent. Chico will never walk again, and he is just10 months old - just try to imagine. And Chico is taking all of this heroically, quietly, peacefully, muted. When you are petting him, he presses his head in your hand, he looks at you with those kind eyes and licks you with gratitude - and your heart breaks when you see him trying to get up to walk or play with a toy dragging the hind legs. We are trying to make his life as much bearable - under a full veterinary control, dried, fed, surrounded by people who care about him, in a company with other wounded puppies. We want to buy him a dog cart. We want to find him a home. Help us buy food, diapers, donate or share. Any help is more than welcome. Association for Animal Protection "Anima Mundi" Domestic Account: 240090002006130 Depositor: Uni Banka AD - Skopje in purpose of payment: For Chico - PayPal donations: [email protected] Contact phone: +38975483314, +38977830948, and +38977916754


Adriana Popovich

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How this will help

By raising money to buy him as much as a wheelchair or find him a home.

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