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PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk's 65th birthday is today, and we'd like your help in making it the best one yet both for her and for animals by supporting the life-changing work of Animal Rahat! 

When Animal Rahat discovered the dear horse pictured here, he was shockingly thin and lame in all four of his legs. Despite his obvious pain, a young boy was riding him hard to impress some nearby schoolgirls. Thankfully, an Animal Rahat staffer intervened and risked a near riot to take the sweet horse to the organization's sanctuary for much-needed veterinary care. 

That horse is just one of many thousands of animals whose lives have been changed for the better by Animal Rahat—including the countless bullocks Animal Rahat has provided with relief from a hard life of constant misery and toil hauling overloaded carts to sugarcane factories, puppies rescued from the streets, and even monkeys, snakes, and other wildlife. Recently, the program even helped secure an end to jallikattu, a cruel contest in which participants attempt to display their "manhood" and strength by chasing and taunting bulls while trying to grab a prize tied to the horns of the terrified and abused animals. 

Despite these successes, many more suffering animals still need our help. You can strengthen Animal Rahat's vital efforts—and make Ingrid's birthday wish come true—by giving online right now

As a young girl who witnessed the suffering of India's working animals, Ingrid resolved to do everything that she could to help them and all animals when she grew up. It was that commitment that led her to become one of the world's most passionate and accomplished advocates for animals and to found both PETA and Animal Rahat. 

Every single dollar raised through this campaign in honor of Ingrid's 65th birthday will help provide Animal Rahat with the funds that it needs in order to do even more to improve the lives of animals in the country where she spent much of her childhood. And your gift doesn't stop there: You'll also be helping to support humane-education programs that are teaching more and more people throughout India how to treat animals with compassion and properly care for them when they're sick or injured. 

While Ingrid will deeply appreciate your gift in honor of her birthday, it's the many bullocks, horses, dogs, and other animals helped by Animal Rahat who will truly benefit from your generous support today. Make your gift to help animals in India now! Thank you for all that you do for animals in India and around the world.


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