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Thanks to massive drought, rising temperatures, early snow melt, and decades of poor forest management, wildfires are getting bigger and more numerous. Fire is part of the natural cycle, but it's not supposed to be this dangerous.

The Forest Service and Interior Department need $1.8 billion to fight the most dangerous wildfires this year - but have only $1.4 billion. If you don't increase their budget, they will have to take that money from other funds, including activities like controlled burns and brush clearing that are meant to help prevent forest fires. That means without Congressional action, saving homes from this year's fires will only make next year's fires even worse!

Please help reduce the size and number of destructive fires by fighting climate change with new clean energy investments - and in the meantime, save communities and families by increasing the budget for fighting wildfires in 2014!



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Our brave wildfire fighters need our support, but Congress has shortchanged them by $470 million, forcing them to take funds out of fire prevention budgets. Tell Congress this is unacceptable!

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