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We condemn the killing of innocent civilians, such a policy is not in the interest of any nation for any purpose.

Since 9/11 the wholesale destruction of civilian infrastructure as has been the case in Pakistan amount to state of collective punishment. Foreign intervention in any form is unacceptable, more so if that intervention comes supposedly in defence of humanitarian values. To impeach the sovereignty of other nations and deny its citizens access to the full system of government and rule of law should be a war crime presented before the International Criminal Court. We must move away from acting like robber barons out to get other robber barons, a civilised people respectful of the solidarity of all nations.

Those who jeopardise, sacrifice or abandon due process, must be held accountable for the terrorism they inspire.

In order to change the world we need to be that change first. I Shaheeb Inayat Sher agree to stand against tyranny and oppression and speak out against military force.

Many people are extremely troubled by the growing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly known as drones) to launch attacks at great distances. Traditionally, one of the key restraints on warfare has been the risk to your own forces and, if this restraint is taken away, unmanned systems may simply make war more likely. The way that unmanned drones have enabled a huge increase in targeted killing is also causing deep disquiet amongst legal experts and scholars.

However, perhaps the greatest concern relates to what is seen as one of the key capabilities of drones – their ability to loiter over an

area for hours or even days. Evidence is beginning to emerge that the persistent presence of drone sitting over remote villages and towns, simply looking for ‘targets of opportunity’, leads to an increase in civilian casualties.

There are serious questions about the use of drones:

Does the geographic and psychological distance between the operator and target make attacks more likely?

Does using unmanned systems mean attacks will happen more often?

Does the supposed accuracy of drone sensors and cameras mean that commanders are more willing to undertake ‘riskier’ strikes (in terms of possible civilian casualties) than they would previously have



Shaheeb Sher

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