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The Mayor of Taiji, Kazutaka Sangen

Dear Mayor Sangen,

I strongly oppose the cruel treatment of Angel, the albino dolphin calf in captivity at the government-owned Taiji Whale Museum. I also oppose in the strongest terms the brutal practice of dolphin hunting carried out in Taiji.

I have seen reports of Angel's traumatised state in the cruel, inadequate confines of a small indoor tank. These conditions are wholly unacceptable for a wild dolphin, especially a young calf who no longer has the company and protection of her butchered mother.

I call on you to free Angel from her hellish prison and demeaning performance training, and release her into a shaded sea pen in the nearby natural lagoon. The Whale Museum already has several large sea pens in the lagoon, and this will vastly improve Angel’s quality of life.

I also call on you to put an end to the unspeakably cruel practice of dolphin hunting in Taiji. Angel is a representative of the hundreds of dolphins taken into captivity, and the many hundreds more slaughtered in Taiji each year for profit. Please make a decision to stop these hunts - and with them the suffering of these emotional, intelligent family animals.


Australia for Dolphins

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