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Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Dear Mr. Modi,

It is sickening to see that India is becoming an unsafe place for women from our country and abroad. Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Rape and even murder of women in the most atrocious way one can imagine! Rage roars within hearts of every single human who foresee that their loving mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend could go through the same.

Sir, we know you understand us very well. That is why we request you to modify the existing law to punish the Rapists more severely, these criminals are nothing but soulless animals on the loose. If you already have planned something on this issue, we request you to implement it faster.

Help eliminate fear from the hearts of women and their families. Please, help our citizens achieve true Independence, as our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, rightly put, "The day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence."


Nandini Sundaram

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Protect women, protect your dignity! 

Let us prevent further debasing of our Country's self respect in this regard. Invite your friends to join the cause!


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