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Mayor Eric Garcetti

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, youth who miss out on an early work experience are more likely to endure future unemployment.

This year Mayor Garcetti successfully launched the Hire L.A.'s Youth initiative to give 10,000 Youth Summer Jobs in Los Angeles and we would like to see this number double to 20,000 by 2016. This initiative will provide youth ages 14-24 the opportunity to learn work-readiness skills and take home their first paycheck. Their wages will be reinvested back into the city's economy and assist with supporting families.

Invest in careers for Youth not jails because investing in them will guarantee the future economic success of the city.

"A first job often means so much more than a paycheck. It can mean a connection to a lifelong mentor, the ability to envision a career path, a boost in self-confidence, an appreciation for the value of education, an off-ramp from a life on the streets, a belief that you can be something." - Danielle Gray and Bethany Henderson


Daniel Johnson

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Signing this petition will help empower Mayor Eric Garcetti to seek out more resources needed to Increase Funding for Youth Job Opportunities in Los Angeles.

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