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James Vacca, New York City Council Member

We are writing to request funding for the only no-kill animal shelter in the Bronx, N.Y.C's Top Dog Animal Shelter/ New Beginnings Animal Rescue. We feel passionately about protecting the future of homeless, abandon and rescued pets of our neighborhood. The shelter, located at 2515 Newbold Avenue Bronx NY 10462, is in danger of closing due to lack of funding. We, the good people of the Bronx are asking for your financial assistances to save the shelter. We are confident that you will stand by us and honor our request. The shelter is an important part of our community and so are the innocent animals that cannot speak for themselves. We speak out for them and ask that a generous contribution of financial aid be granted to the shelter on a monthly basis. We thank you in advance for requesting us in hope of a better community.


Tom Gomez

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How this will help

This will help keep the shelter open and give hope to the mnay animals that need a second chance.


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