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Putting an end to Hershey's bill 132

TO: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario
WHEREAS Aggressive dogs are found among all breeds and mixed breeds; and
WHEREAS Breed-specific legislation has been shown to be an expensive and ineffective approach to dog bite prevention; and
WHEREAS Problem dog owners are best dealt with through education, training and legislation encouraging responsible behaviour;
WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:
To repeal the breed-specific sections of the Dog Owners' Liability Act (2005) and any related Acts and to
instead implement legislation that encourages responsible ownership of all dog breeds and types.


Melissa Larivière

This petition closed over 5 years ago

How this will help

By creating awareness on breeds targeted by Hershey's bill 132, people will be more educated on behaviours and temperaments of animals around them. Education and training of humans is where we need to start.

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