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Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

To Mark Zuckerberg,
As you know, your policies state that pages justifying violence and pages that are pornographic, are not allowed. However, large groups of people are allowed to post extremely violent and sexual images and your staff has yet to ban them, even after thousands (if not more) of reports. On top of that, your policies state that breastfeeding pictures are allowed, yet your staff has removed several breastfeeding pictures after just a single report. We are asking you to ensure that your staff enforces your policies. Facebook is supposed to be a family oriented page. Even if it is for adults only, encouraging violence is the wrong message to send. Discouraging breastfeeding (which is completely natural) and encouraging sexuality are also the wrong messages to send. It is everyone's job to promote peace, and non-violent solutions to problems. Your business influences millions of people around the world. Please ensure that you are sending the right message to all your users. Please, make your page safe for your users again, children and adults alike. Ban violent and sexual pages, dangerous users, discourage discrimination against breastfeeding, and enforce your policies. Thank you.


Rachael Rhein

This petition closed almost 6 years ago

How this will help

It will bring attention to our cause by showing how many people are victims due to lack of policy enforcement.

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