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We are asking that the religious right refrain from influencing people in Africa, especially Uganda , from creating laws to punish people. To stop pushing bibles over the practical use of condoms. The issue, is not whether we agree or disagree, with what the Africans are doing. The issue is, the influence exerted over these Africans, by the religious right, which is detrimental both socially and health wise. Stop using Africa, for religious social engineering . We have no problem, with the preaching of the gospel. But the problem lies in the demonizing of people considered outcast, and punishing them severely . By life prison sentences and death, as in the case of homosexuals . The religious right , is not allowed to push this hatred in America, but they allowed free reign in Africa. This is dead wrong. If the sin is not illegal, no one should push punishing people against sins that they hate . Or influencing or helping to create laws, to do such a thing. Africa, is not the religious right dumping ground .


Ronald Killebrew

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How this will help

This petition, will bring a halt to the social engineering , by the religious right.

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