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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and CEO Larry Page

As an Internet user and concerned citizen, I demand you stop funding climate denial and leave ALEC today!

You're supposed to be one of the good guys -- you use renewable energy and even told the SEC your motto is, "Don't be evil." If you still think being evil is bad, why did you join an organization that demands that science teachers deny climate science, attacks voting rights, supports destructive "ag-gag" bills, and tries to hide the most toxic chemicals used in fracking?

This isn't your corporate mission, and it's bad for our country and our planet. If ALEC's anti-climate bills succeed, it will undo all the good you have done by using renewable energy. Quit ALEC at once!



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ALEC bills would require climate denial in public schools, ban disclosure of fracking chemicals, and eliminate key clean energy laws. Tell Google: Your motto was "Don't be evil"! Quit ALEC today!


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