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Director, Shimoda Aquarium, 下田海中水族館館長 Nakano Koichiro, , 中野浩一郎様

We call on you, Mr Koichiro to review the living conditions and treatment of the animals and to improve and maintain living conditions for the creatures at the Shimoda aquarium. Thank you.

Aquariums and zoos are questionable places at the best of times. As a means of education, we can appreciate what they do so long as the animals are well looked after and in a space that sufficiently emulates their original habitat, right?!

In lesser developed countries, we have experienced many instances of animals suffering at the fate of ill-equipped zoos, lack of funds and inexperienced zookeepers.

In Japan, however, we need to expect something so much more.

Just walking past the "World's first floating aquarium" in Shimoda, Izu, Japan, I was saddened to see that in the relatively spacious 'natural' cove that there were dolphins confined to such small living conditions inside old, worn and rusty compounds, with garbage floating in the water nearby too.

How can people expect such animals who naturally belong in the wild to 'perform' for their own selfish entertainment when their conditions are not even that comfortable for them?

As this wasn't sad enough to see, we walked past the entrance where there was a small, shallow pool with no less than NINE sea turtles, trying to swim. I have never seen such a sorry sight as three turtles clambering over each other’s shells just to simply pass by. These are creatures of the sea and deserve a lot more freedom than Shimoda Aquarium has given them. Three of the turtles were babies and separated from the group as a result. Interaction was kept to a minimum as a result of the horrid bars between them all.

To add insult to injury, these turtles were not very well maintained. Their shells were covered in mildew and the conditions of their bodies and shell was questionable.

This is Japan.

Shimoda Aquarium claims to be one of the best in the world? It is hard to believe.

Let's improve and maintain these living conditions for our sea creatures as we would our own home.












Leonora Sophie

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