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I am writing to ask that you reject the harmful proposals from the "ESA Congressional Working Group."

40 years ago, America faced the near extinction of some of our most iconic species, including the bald eagle and grizzly bear. The nation collectively decided that our treasured natural resources needed protection. These animals were too valuable to our way of life and our economy to let perish, so our leaders passed one of this country's bedrock environmental laws: the Endangered Species Act.

Gutting the ESA has been a goal of corporate polluters for decades. The most common excuse is the myth that the ESA hurts our economy. The truth is, the value provided by natural habitat in the continental U.S. amounts to $1.6 trillion per year -- equivalent to more than 10 percent of our GDP.

So please think twice before you make any decisions that will condemn us to a future without many of the incredible wildlife and plant species we have cherished for centuries. Future generations deserve to meet these species too -- and our planet's balance needs them.



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A Congressional working group just sided with big polluters to propose gutting the Endangered Species Act. Our voices created this law, and we can save it! Write your representative today!

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