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National Energy Board of Canada

It is the National Energy Board’s responsibility to protect citizens and the environment from Big Oil’s reckless lies. Don’t listen to Kinder Morgan — oil spills are NEVER good, for any reason.

The pipeline giant, Kinder Morgan, was recently exposed for claiming that pipeline spills could actually be considered “good” for local communities because they create cleanup related jobs.

This is outrageous but it should come as no surprise considering Kinder Morgan has been lobbying hard to triple the capacity of its oil pipeline running from the tar sands of Alberta and the Vancouver, B.C., area.

The reality is, tar sands spills are never good for the economy; just ask the people of Kalamazoo, Michigan or Mayflower, Arkansas. These communities have spent years suffering the effects of tar sands pipeline spills — from fouled waterways to damaged local economies.

Enough is enough. Don’t bow to Big Oil’s lies — pipeline spills are terrible for local communities.



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How this will help

By shining a light on Kinder Morgan's ridiculous claims, we will demonstrate to the Canadian government that the public does not agree that oil spills are good for local economies or the environment. 

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