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There are Only Risks – No Benefits – for Cats Who are Declawed

The main reason pet owners cite for requesting declawing surgery is concern over their home furnishings, flooring and window coverings.
And a main reason veterinarians perform the procedure is out of fear the owner may become abusive or neglectful if the cat damages household belongings, relinquishing their cats to shelters, or banning them from the home.
Many cats experience emotional difficulties from declawing surgery.
It is common for a pet owner to notice personality changes in their cat after declawing surgery. These changes probably stem from feelings of insecurity after having their primary defense mechanism against predators taken away from them.
Recently declawed cats often become nervous, fearful and aggressive, often resorting to use of their last remaining means of defense – their teeth.
Some declawed kitties, once they discover they can no longer mark with their claws, begin to urinate around the house in order to mark their territory. This can result in long-term inappropriate elimination problems.
Many declawed cats who were confident on the ground when they still had their claws, begin spending all their time on elevated surfaces like the top of the refrigerator, countertops, or high shelving in closets.


Janis Sunshine

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How this will help

Trying to educate people that declawing cats is not the answer. Hopfully making illegal for vets to preform this surgery. 


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