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Pressure our Government to create an International Database of Sexual Predators

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How this will help

If our government doesnt think we place this issue as a high priority, they wont place it high on their agenda.   In this era of ease of national and international travel, predators fly under the radar of our police agencies by committing crimes in different counties, provinces or countries.   

As such, they are able to get away with accosting a much greater volume of victims.   Those victims which live within systems which don't allow them access to therapy after the crime, have a greater risk of becoming perpetrators themselves.   This is a sad but true fact as they have had to deal with such terror that they relive it in order to justify their existence.  Its not just our imagination that these crimes seem to be more frequent and widespread.   Its like a virus, its spreading. 

Without a Nationally and Internationally co-ordinated database consisting of all police reports pertaining to crimes against children, how can we possibly expect our educational and social children's institutions to protect children against sexual assault within those institutions?  If our schools cant check whether a prospective employee has been accused of or committed a sexual crime, they are left without basic tools to protect our children.  Our institutions  need every tool available to keep predators out.   Sexual predators focus on institutions where kids frequent and thus, this is a major battle. 

WE, as parents, siblings, grandparents and the general community need to protect our future generations by being proactive in the Defense for our Children.   This cannot be a war on Pedophilia, as it will fail, it needs to be a movement towards the Defense for our Children.    What you resist persists.   Lets not go out there ready to chop off heads, lets come up with systems to block anyone with a less than desirable motive from interacting with our children.  This database could never be available to the general public, otherwise, it would turn into a witch hunt. 

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