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Throughout our lives we have all witnessed a variety of atrocities and injustices that man can make. Most turn their head away thinking that this is someone else's problem, it will go away or that someone else has to solve it... I've always loved animals and was always surrounded by them constantly bringing home new dogs and cats that were hungry or been injured,but I have never truly pondered and dedicate to the problem of stray animals until a year ago when my vet killed a dog which I found on the street. Why? Because he didn't know his job,didn't care and all he wanted was to make additional income, and I didn't believe myself enough. I will never forgive myself for her death and on her behalf I pay a little more attention to the problem of abandoned animals every day more terrified and angrier at the fact of how much evil is in people shocked with irresponsibility, insensitivity,selfishness and cruelty that human beings have and what they are capable to do.We took them from nature, adapted to our needs and ultimately rejected as our own failure. Abandoned, hungry, tortured,they are trying to survive as best they can on the street,maybe just wanting to finally fall asleep and go to the better place. They deserve more ... much more and have the same right to life as all beings on this planet.

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