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Respected Sir,
As a part of our Fundamental Right as an Indian Citizen, We are entitled to practice whichever religion we want to.
A Donation is considered Charity only if it is donated towards a secular cause. Hence, we as are taxed for donating to any religious cause.
By imposing such rules on us, many of our fellowmen and we ourselves feel discouraged to donate.
We can clearly see that many other countries do not have to pay tax for donating to a religious cause. As a matter of fact, Most of the foreign donations coming to our country are for a religious purpose.

Many countries are secular but they are not taxing their citizens for a religious donation. Then why us?

How can we call India secular if we do not allow donations to be tax exempt? We are not asking you to allow religious donations under Section 35AC, but at least under Section 80-G.


Vinay Shankar

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