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Help End the Canadian Seal Slaughter!

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Left to thrive in the wild with their loved ones, they could live for 35 years. But today, we just received word that the Canadian commercial seal slaughter has begun—which means that tens of thousands of baby seals are about to be shot, bludgeoned, and sometimes even skinned alive. In Canada, harp seals can be killed as soon as they lose their white baby fur at about 2 weeks of age, and most are killed when they are younger than 3 months old.

After years of international outrage, support from people like you, and hard work to get seal-product bans in the U.S., Europe, and even Russia, the horrific seal slaughter is limping along on its last legs only because it's being propped up by the government through Canadian tax dollars. We need to put an end to it—before even more babies die. Please help make 2014 the year that we stop this cruel slaughter forever. 

Your gift of just $5 or more will help save countless baby seals from a terrifying, painful death. Make your donation to PETA today! 

Thank you so much for your tireless support. We've seen significant progress in recent years, and I know that together, we can finally put an end to the barbaric seal slaughter.


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